Milo Brant Smith

He's here!


This pregnancy was such a breeze compared to last time. Although I was nauseous for the first half and had heart burn for the last half, I hardly ever threw up. I didn't get pre-eclampsia and he didn't come early. In fact, I went two days over. I know that isn't that long but it felt like forever!

 I really wanted to have a v-bac instead of another c-section. My blood pressure did go up just a little at the end so I went on bed rest to try to give my body time to go into labor. Unfortunately, nothing was happening. I researched all the old wives tales about how to get things moving and all the nurses offered their suggestions. Nothing worked. No dilation, no softening, nothing. 

My water began slowly leaking when I woke up on the morning of April 1st but I really didn't want an April Fools baby. I tried to remember what I had heard about water breaking: It was supposed to be a big gush. I'd know it was my water. Besides, it was April Fool's day and I did not want my baby to have his birthday on April Fool's every year. If it was really my water, contractions would start soon. I probably just peed a little. I decided to just go on with my day. 

 I continued to have a slow leak all day. I was definitely not still peeing. I called Zane and then cleaned the house a little, took a shower, and did my hair and make-up. We had lunch together, dropped Hudson off at his babysitter's and drove slowly (much to Zane's dismay) to the hospital. They started running tests. Still no softening or dilation. My water hadn't broken but it did have a small tear meaning my 24 hours had started. The doctor explained that they wouldn't give pit unless I was dilated to at least a three. Since I hadn't started at all, this wasn't an option. 

I was disappointed. I had made it 40 weeks, the baby and I were both healthy, and I still had to have a c-section. 

This one went WAY better. The bed and blankets were heated, Zane asked me questions about the book I was reading, the doctor removed my old nasty scar (Yay!), and I got to hold my baby right away. He had to be on cpap for about an hour but his lungs dried out quickly and he has been healthy and happy ever since. 

Milo was born at 5:40 p.m. on April 1st. He weighed 6 lbs 9 oz and was 19 inches long.

Hudson came to see him that night and loved him right away. He has been the best big brother!  
Grandpa and Grandma Smith took Hudson back to Idaho for a couple of days and Zane and I had a chance to spend some one on one with the new babe.

Milo was the first baby name that Zane and I agreed on right after we were married. We almost used it for Hudson but he just didn't look like a Milo. We gave him the middle name Brant in memory of my Grandpa who passed away last June. As soon as I knew I was having a boy, I knew I wanted Brant to be the middle name. Ironically, I did the math and Milo would have been conceived the same week Grandpa passed away. I like to think that Grandpa gave him a hug and an 'atta boy' and sent him on his way down.

3 years with the man of my dreams

Zane and I sent two days and a night over in Midway at Johnson Mill. We first went tubing on fake snow (zane's favorite part-not really he wanted real snow) then checked in at our Bed and Breakfast and headed out for dinner. We first tried the snake creek grill since was had a $20 off coupon (and you all know my "frugle" husband. They had on couple in there and 6 tables open within view and the snobbie lady said they were booked and we would have to sit at the counter facing a wall. Well we left. We debated on where to go, finally to heber city to Don Pedros....NEVER EAT THERE....we thought we wouldn't survive the night it was so gross..did i mention my husband had a $10 off coupon here too. We went back to the B&B and i enjoyed the jetted tub.
We had a good time,Zane hates breakfast as he has to sit with strangers and talk knowing they all came here last night for the same he thinks
It was my first time being away from my baby that i missed so much (thanks sara, jake and elaina for watching him).
It was a great time with my husband that takes such good care of me. Also did i mention he found a coupon for 10% of the B&B at B& try it sometime soon.

The Nursery is Done!!!

Zane and I (does anybody else have a hard time getting the husband on board with honey do lists on Saturdays??!!) spent a Saturday afternoon painting Hudsons room getting it ready for our friend jacob to come do some detailing. Hear is the out come.....what do you think?? thanks jacob and elaina for the help!! It's just what I wanted!

Project: Real House

For the last two and a half years, my room has felt like a cabin. Zane made this awesome log bed before we got married and my mom made him that 'adorable' moose/bear/fish blanket. You may even notice the fish pillow case... cute right?

I've decorated around these items in the last three bedrooms that we've had, but I'm finally demanding a REAL master bedroom. I cannot sleep in the woods any longer. This sad picture is of the bed in the very plain room we now inhabit.

We've been in this house for 9 months and I've had trouble committing to anything. My first priority was that the log bed had to go. I wanted a sleigh bed, but Zane didn't think it was budget worthy- so I spent months watching on KSL for something I could make work. In the meantime, IKEA and I have been good buddies and I found this AMAZING duvet cover!!!! It followed my home and became my inspiration for the rest of the room.

Next, I finally found a bed with potential and set out to fix it up.

There were like seven layers of yellowed-white paint that had to be removed and it was tricky to work on it with a needy toddler so, four months later...

I'm finished! Well, with the bed at least- and I LOVE IT!!

[Pictures of the rest of the room to come... hopefully soon]

Look at me!

As many of you know, I don't cook. My sister Lacie still makes fun of me for asking how high to turn the stove when boiling water. Although the sign in my kitchen still rings true: 'I kiss better than I cook', I'm actually becoming quick domesticated since being a part time stay at home mom.

In fact... (drum roll please)..... I made bread! And not in a bread maker. In fact, not even with a bosch or kitchenaid. I hand kneaded it. Twice. Its not all in the pic, but I ended up making three loaves, a dozen rolls, and a dozen bread sticks.

I know, I know.... you're impressed right? Me too! Usually I get bored if anything takes longer than 20 minutes. This took literally ALL day and I had a blast. Plus, it tastes divine. I am so stinkin proud of myself! *Thank you to whomever gave me those pastry towels that have sat in a box for 3 years. Sorry I laughed at the thought of using them*

Zane has always been better in the kitchen- thus the following canning projects that have taken every minute of the last month.

Okay, now to admit a not so shining moment. Hudson won't eat very many foods so the doctor suggested hiding things in pancakes. Haha, this was not very well hidden and Hudson would have nothing to do with it.

Happy Birthday Hudson!

One year ago, this cute little fighter joined our family. Look how much he's grown.

It has been so fun watching his personality emerge. He is stubborn, persistant, and has selective hearing- but he is also snuggly, smiley, giggly, and all boy.

He doesn't do things unless he wants to and he'll dig his heels in if you try to push him. He hasn't showed much interest yet in verbal communication since mom and dad respond exactly how he intended to his grunts and screams. However, he is constantly making sound effects while he plays.

He is a picky eater, hates to get dressed, insists on sleeping in our bed (with his hand over my face). He loves bath time and is obsessed with books.

We use a lot of reverse psychology already since he's only interested in doing things when I say 'no-no'. He is incredibly observant, studying everything without a sound. He's cautious and looks to us for approval before doing anything he's unsure of.

Hudson has made our lives so happy. Yes, being a parent is hard- but somehow even the hard is good and we are so glad he's in our family.

Happy Birthday buddy! We love you!!

Ode to Second Grade

I love my job! I love second grade. I love second graders. I love teaching children who want to learn. I love working half day. I love being home with Hudson more. I love leaving to work 5 minutes before I have to be there. I love it!

Seriously, I will NEVER go back to teaching 6th grade. Yes, I managed. Yes, I even did I stinkin good job of making those kids behave if I do say so myself. But now that I have experienced bliss, I realize that last year was *#@! and I am never going back.

I have traded in glares for smiles, gossip for giggles, 'you're ruining my life' for 'you're the best teacher ever'. Oh, I just love second graders and their thank you's and obedience, and hugs (every time we transition activities). I'll take thier runny noses and pooping thier pants (yes this has already happened) to thier back talk and passing notes.

Sigh.... I love you second grade.